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We’re one of the UK’s leading suppliers of dispense soft drinks,

supplying the highest quality branded products, supported by superb customer service and unrivalled technical support.

The Dispensed Drinks Your Customers Want

When it comes to dispensed drinks, Ben Shaws are the solution. We supply a full range of the most popular and in-demand Bag-in-Bag draught soft drinks so you will always have just what your customers’ want, whenever they want it.

We also ensure that our pricing keeps a high Quality/Value ratio that allows you to be competitive, retain brand loyalty and encourage that all important repeat consumption.

The Way You Want Them

We understand just what goes in to running your business, whether it’s just the one pub or a chain of busy night clubs. Our commitment is to provide service levels that you can always rely on, hassle free equipment maintenance, and products that you can trust - all at a price that suits your budget and business.

With Ben Shaws as your partner for dispensed drinks, you really couldn’t be in better hands.

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Our Partners

We’ll help you develop effective promotions to drive your sales and increase product awareness.

We will also try to ensure you get maximum coverage for your brands/products by offering a range of promotional goods from glasses, bar runners and ice buckets to coasters, posters and tent cards.

  • Cola
  • Diet Cola
  • Lemonade
  • Orange

  • Massive global brand
  • The No 2 Cola in the UK
  • Has major presence in catering and fast food outlets
  • A Premium brand with Youth appeal
  • Over £3 million spent on Advertising annually
  • Sponsors of David Beckham and Britney Spears
  • Unique Dispenser Connector
Ocean Spray
  • The world’s No 1 Cranberry drink brand
  • Unique, distinctive and refreshing tasting drink
  • High customer awareness of the Cranberry brand - 87%
  • One of the fastest growing mixers for Vodka
  • Perfect on its own or in a cocktail
  • Wide availability throughout the UK and a massive £8million advertising and PR support

Dispense Equipment

We supply the full range of specialist equipment you need for the Dispense Drinks that we supply. The equipment is designed to really have the best impact with your customers and allow you to optimise sales over the bar in pubs, clubs, catering, leisure and fast-food outlets.

  • Catering, Leisure and Fast Food

    Catering, Leisure and Fast Food

    Able to dispense up to 6 different drinks, and incorporating portion control valves, the Danube is the ideal unit for the fast moving establishments in these business areas. We supply all the relevant branding at installation so you are ready to go right from the outset with whatever range of drinks you have selected.

  • Pubs and Clubs

    Pubs and Clubs

    Free flow dispense solution offering flexibility multiple drinks dispense whilst saving space, perfect for bars, clubs and other busy points of sale.

  • Plug and Play Machine

    Plug and Play Machine

    An excellent addition to the Ben Shaws drink dispenser range, the plug and play machine is small and compact, making it ideal for any business - from leisure centres to schools to catering outlets. The machine is able to dispense a variety of products, including carbonated drinks and juices.

    (Machine size: Width 355mm; Depth 625mm; Height 505mm)